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Born in Philadelphia in a home with ten children, with parents that believed and practiced witchcraft, Joey Perez's first memory was that of his father stabbing someone in his own house. Chaos filled the home and in response to his father chaining Joey by the neck for three days in his basement at the age of twelve to discipline him, he heard a voice saying, "I will give you the power to kill your father." He answered a yes to that voice. The years that followed were nothing less than complete demon possession as this child became one of Philadelphia's most incorrigible, dangerous youths. Robberies, shootings and stabbings followed by juvenile homes, mental hospitals and prisons tormented the young Joey Perez, and none of them helped him. He witnessed his own brother killed before his eyes and he vowed to find and destroy his killers. Years of violence followed and Joey Perez became one of the fierce leaders of the largest gang in Philadelphia, the 250 member Zulu gang. He was called "King." Feared by all, his life was not his own. He can remember hating what he did, yet he was not able to control it.

But God's hand was on his life in a powerful way even then as he was in front of death over 300 times and was never killed. Once he was stabbed 17 times with a knife by a gang and left for dead and nothing penetrated his skin and he walked away. While in prison, hewas visited by an angel with white hair that was a prison guard with no name tag who told him exactly when he would be released and that Jesus Christ loved him and died for him. The next day on inquiring about this "new guard" with white hair, the answer was, "There is no new guard with white hair."  Itwas an angel, and he was released the exact day the 'angel' guard told him he would be. He took a job at Cardo's Automobile Production in Philadelphia to cover his drug dealing and while there, Christians witnessed and prayed for him over a year's time. One day he heard God calling him by name three times like the sound of thunder and he saw his life playing on a movie screen before his eyes and God Himself showed him all the times he should have been shot, stabbed and killed but never was. Miracle after miracle followed him until his conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ in a way as powerful and miraculous as the Apostle Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus. When you hear him tell how the Lord set him FREE or read his book, I Lived to Tell About It you will never be able to doubt the existence of God. No human power could have changed this man. He heard voices telling him to kill 17 people on the day of his conversion, and there were three other times he almost committed mass murders when God intervened. Therefore, Joey Perez can speak first hand to the truth of the demonic source of these mass killings that are devastating our country today and testify to the ONLY answer, the Lord Jesus Christ.
What has followed his conversion for the past 33 years has been nothing less than a miracle and a walk of faith that would inspire anyone that God is real. Joey Perez attended Bible college in Puerto Rico where he began having large evangelistic crusades. Following Bible college he returned to the U.S. and moved to the small town of Telford, PA and married his wife Damaris and now has two beautiful daughters, Christine and Ivellise. Many pastors and churches supported this young evangelist in his early years in the Telford area and he attended a church started by Pastor John Yamin who is still today one of his spiritual fathers. Together they started witnessing on the streets of Philadelphia which grew into the vision he still carries out today of street evangelism throughout Philadelphia and other parts of the world on gang and crime infested streets. A stage, sound, music, food and clothes draws people out of their homes, while Joey Perez shouts at the top of his lungs what Jesus Christ has done for him and how the Lord has set him FREE, and masses of people are saved. God gave them a vision for the poor and through the years this ministry has fed thousands free Thanksgiving dinners and gives free toys at Christmas to thousands of children while sharing the gospel resulting in countless numbers receiving salvation.
Joey Perez and his wife Damaris are founders of Worldwide Evangelistic Ministries and Kingdom Highway Church in Philadelphia where they are currently Pastors. There they opened a men's and women's Bible-based rehab from 1993 to 2007. Joey Perez is now an international speaker, evangelist and author, having written two books, I Lived to Tell About It and Mysteries of Angels sharing details of his story and also his encounters with angels. He also has three more teaching books and a book of poetry in the making. He is a revivalist Evangelist/Teacher travelling all over the world, most recently to England where he teaches seminars on evangelism called "Getting Ready for the Harvest" and more. Their vision is to open an Urban School of Ministry to equip pastors and leaders in evangelism and ministry and a Christian Academy. He travels and speaks in schools, prisons and churches across the nation and world with his story of the power of God to save and radically transform a life out of the darkest grip of demon possession into the light of the Kingdom of God and the saving power of the Holy Spirit.
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